Good Friday & Easter Reflection

By Bethany Otten

The day between

I'll be honest, this was supposed to be a good Friday reflection and time got away from me.

So if you'll allow, I'd like to share my thoughts as I've considered what the Saturday between good Friday and Resurrection Sunday must have been like.

How disorienting and discouraging it must have felt. Jesus did say he would be raised on the third day but everyone that finds the tomb empty seems surprised and suspect the body has been taken.

It's like they either forgot or did not fully understand what Jesus was saying about himself at the time. The Pharisees remembered though. They asked the tomb be sealed and guards stationed there to ensure the body wasn't stolen by the disciples claiming he had been raised. A fact which reminds me that knowledge of God does not equate relationship.

In this time of Jesus death before the resurrection I imagine his followers are having to wrestle with their own perceptions of who they thought he was. A political savior for Israel. A messiah establishing a new kingdom. I see reflections of that in my own life, when something outside of my control makes me question who God is I have to reconcile that maybe my view of God up to that point has been too narrow. Maybe I need to return to what God has said about himself. Maybe I need to patiently wait, and be on the look out for his glory in the midst of disorienting circumstances. If theres anything that can be learned from the story of the disciples though, it is that Jesus is a most patient teacher, and continues to reveal himself to us.

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